On faith

Ah, this one is tough. Not that I shy away from difficult conversations, but religion is… a minefield, to say the least. It touches to our histories, our families, our traditions, our personal experiences – good and bad – and just talking about it can change the sweetest person you know into a rabid dog. Like politics, it’s often painted in black and white. You’re either with us or against us and there’s no inbetween.

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What I learned when I accidentally deleted all my pictures

Yep, I’m not very good at technology. My old smartphone died, so I bought another one – a previously loved one that is only 3 years old and seems to be just what I need. I managed to tranfer all my data from the old one to the new one and was feeling pretty good about life in general and my amazing tech wizardry skills.

I Should stick to this kind of phone…
Photo de cheptu00e9 cormani sur Pexels.com

Until, of course, I messed up. Though this phone is made by the same brand as the old one, the layout is different and I got confused. I wanted to delete ONE picture and ended up deleting an entire album. Or something like 650 pictures, from 2014 to December 2020. Photos of my kids, my cat, my holidays, my projects. Damn. I don’t take a lot of pictures if I compare to some people, but it was still heartbreaking, precisely because I generally only take pictures of stuff I really want to remember.

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All things go

Your fists will never be enough

Bloodied knuckles and jumbled thoughts

You looked for something and lost yourself

But you were right there, you swear, you were there, standing

Everything’s too fast and you’re too slow now

Not quite old, not quite, just in that dark space inbetween

Where nothing makes much sense

Just one more fight, you think, one more fight and then you’ll rest

But there’s no rest to be had unless you’re dead, so one become two

And two never quite work out, and death seems somehow kinder

What was it they said? All things go, this shall pass too

Still you remain, lonely yet not alone, a hunched shadow

You remember what could have been, who you said you’ll become

But all things go, you know, all things go



On balance and the understated value of middle-ground

Don’t you get the feeling that everything is pretty extreme nowadays? We’re made to choose sides, in everything. You can’t be part of a group if you don’t agree with everything they do and say, you’re not a ‘real’ supporter if you’re moderate. It seems like social media has made such behaviours worse than ever (but it always existed – I remember pretty vividly my highschool years, when we were pressured by our peers to choose a type of music we liked, and to stick with it. I never could).

I’m a Libra, astrologists would probably tell me that’s why I like balance so much.

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On love, marriage and reality

Someone asked me recently if I could write down a few tips for a new couple – they asked this of several people who’d been married/in long-term relationships for a while (read: old(er) people like, well, me, apparently) and I thought I could make an article out of it.

Keep in mind that these tips are things that I’ve find useful in my own life and/or have observed in other couples that seem to do well. Also keep in mind that I’m a woman so those might be biased, but the husband nodded along in that quiet way of his when I told him what I’d written down, which means he agrees!


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Hits and misses of a low-waste life

Since we’ve been trying to reduce our waste, we’ve also tested lots of recipes and tips to lower our waste. Some of them were great and have become parts of our routine, and others, were, well, not so great. Keep in mind that it’s only our experience, and that you might end up loving what we hate and vice-versa!! The best way to know is to try and see what works for you!!

Hits and Misses of the Zero Waste Lifestyle
The amount of trash we produce is horrific, let’s face it. Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

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Better is the enemy of good… or how not to be perfect

This week the always excellent Amber from The Fairly Local Family (formerly TheFairlyLocalVegan, which is important to mention) explained why she won’t call herself vegan anymore. She’s been relentlessly attacked since she published a video on her channel in which she bought a pair of second-hand shoes for her oldest kid. What’s the matter, you think? Well, those shoes were leather sandals. Her (very sound, might I say) reasoning was that she couldn’t find any vegan option second-hand, her kid needed sandals, those shoes were second-hand and durable and would be worn by her other kids.

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Of winter and the wonders of layering

It’s December, and it’s cold here near Paris, which is quite normal and even a bit reassuring, if I’m honest. I cover my car in the evenings to be spared the tedious task of scraping off ice in the mornings, I watch my favourite shows buried under a plaid and make my family hot cocoa on Sunday afternoons. I rather like winter, in fact (I like all 4 seasons if I’m honest, although summer is a bit of a bother when you don’t tan). But as someone who tries to have a rather minimalist and most of all sustainable wardrobe, it can be a challenge to dress at this period of the year.

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On candle light and responsibility

Yesterday, we had a power outage. Well, I had. My daughters were already sleeping, and my husband was out training with his team. Anyway. I was reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography in my chair (I watched one episode of Outlander before that but I like to read before going to bed) while suddenly, it was pitch dark. The cat mewled loudly, startled I guess, and I thought ‘well, shit’.

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