On selfies, self-esteem and augmented reality

I’ve talked about my issues with both body image and social media before. But I haven’t talked about the link between those two things – probably because I’m still coming to terms with that particular aspect of social media and the effect it has on me, and also because I am a bit ashamed of having taken part in such a superficial and frankly narcissist habit.

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On social media

“I am never going to look back on my life, or on my year, and think, I wish that I had spent more time online.” Genevieve Sadleir

I have no idea who Genevieve is (if you do know, please leave a comment), but she’s obviously a very smart and insightful woman, and I think she’s got it quite right.

Since writing this post on virtual clutter, I’ve gone further and deleted my Twitter account entirely. It was way too time-consuming, and I disliked both the content (or most of it, between echo chambers and shouting matches there were a few interesting exchanges) and how it made me feel and behave. I felt increasingly sarcastic and bitter, and my optimism and faith in humanity were dwindling. I decided to quit after two weeks of reflection.

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On tangerine candles and family traditions

My father has always made tangerine candles around Christmas time. He learned how to make them from his own father, simply with sunflower oil (a cheap and common oil here in France) and tangerine peels.

There was something magical about them for me as a child. The way my father carefully carved the tangerine. The way its tiny flame would glow through the fine peel, casting orange tinted light on our the dinner table. The way it smelled, sweet and tart. Now I make them too, and my children love them just as I do.

It takes some work to get them right…

Very careful carving!

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Some news!

As some of you know, I write. Lately I’ve written quite a lot of poetry, and decided to publish it – terrifying it might be, but sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to live fully!

In Cold Blue Light is now available on Amazon! I will give €1 to the Surf Rider Foundation for each ebook sold (full disclosure, it’s 50% of what Amazon will pay me, before taxes)!

If you get it, I would love to know what you thought of it, good and bad! Thanks!!

I’ve also added a Buy Me a Coffee button in the footnote of my blog… any support is welcome to help me create better content & write more!

Why morning people are in fact evening planners

I’m a morning person. I’ve never slept late, even in my teens, and have trouble staying up very late (that part doesn’t get easier with age & children, let me tell you). So rising early isn’t an issue for me at all.

Which didn’t prevent me from having hectic mornings, especially as a mom who’s alone on mornings 75% of the time. I’ve never been really late at work, but I’ve often come in irritated and flustered by that damn morning rush. I considered rising earlier, but it didn’t change much. I hadn’t time for anything, I was snapping at my kids to get them to hurry, and I was super frustrated with my inability to be more effective.

 Until I found out what the secret was, and since I’m feeling super generous, I’m going to share it with you.

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The Benefits of a Feature Phone in Today’s Smartphone Dominated World

An interesting take on smartphones and the way we use – or abuse – them.

Martin C

(A re-post from February 2016. It is from my old blog and still relevant.)

It’s not really that much fun experiencing a slight panic as your modern smartphone warns you about the pending dead battery status as you scramble to get that charger to a power point, but it’s the price we pay, isn’t it? I’ll admit, I enjoy having a phone, camera, GPS, games console and mini computer available in my pocket and in that regard life is simpler with just one device, but it’s also more complicated and offers a single point of failure. Which is why I’m starting to like feature phones more and more.

First and most obvious is the

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The ocean eats the land

(Flat screens and cars)

Where will they go now?


Nothing more to fish

(Coffee cups and sushi)

Nothing to make a living


No rain, and no hope

(Golf greens and beef)

The Earth so dry it cracks


Heatwaves like hellfire

(AC till you freeze)

Or floods like Noah’s


Rivers with deadly foam

(so many cool sneakers)

Amidst fields of cotton


‘It’s now’, they say, ‘it’s now!

Why do we pay for your sins?’

But… oh, wait, it’s Black Friday!



On safety and growing-up

On Sunday morning, I gave my daughters a €5 bill, left them at the merry-go-round in front of the farmers’ market, and went to buy my veggies, fruit and cheeses as usual, dragging my blue trolley behind me (with the obligatory freshly baked baguette strapped on top of it, because, hello, French person here).

They came back not even 10 minutes later, proud as peacocks, and got to keep the €1 coin that was left. Everything was peachy.

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Peppermint & Chocolate

There’s a quiet kind of joy

That sweeps us off our feet

A ticking clock that soothes

The anxiety in our minds

There’s strength and warmth

But more embers than fire

Ours is such an easy dance

Amazing grace and loving hands

Count your blessings, they say,

And we have got more than enough

Count your blessings, we smile,

For there might be only today

There’s a quiet kind of love

That only whispers to our ears

The clock still ticks the time away

And soon enough we will be grey

There will be tears and hurricanes

So many lines around our eyes

But our love will smell the same

Like peppermint and chocolate