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On candle light and responsibility

Yesterday, we had a power outage. Well, I had. My daughters were already sleeping, and my husband was out training with his team. Anyway. I was reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography in my chair (I watched one episode of Outlander before that but I like to read before going to bed) while suddenly, it was pitch dark. The cat mewled loudly, startled I guess, and I thought ‘well, shit’.

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Minimalist, low-waste lifestyle

On how to ace no-gift Christmas

I love Christmas. Yule time is a great time. The promise of more light to come, the cycle of life, all that. The lights on the tree. The good, homemade food and the (hopefully fight-less) meals with extented family.

What I do not love is all the gift-giving obligation. It’s nice for children to discover some gifts under the tree (some, I said. Not fifty, that’s ridiculous), but we adults? Come on. Most of us have too much stuff already and will have no use for half of the things we’re given. We feel like we have to buy everyone a gift and, frankly, it ruins the weeks before the holidays for me with headaches and stressful runs in crowded and overheated stores.

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Addendum to ‘On Social Media’

I wrote this thing on social media not so long ago. Since then not much has changed, only that I pay more attention to people with smartphones around me… and now that I really pay attention, it makes me really sad, and concerned.

Here‘s an article that really captures my feelings on the subject. The author, Steve Mix, makes very good points (and of course I can only cheer at his parallel with the french expression ‘l’appel du vide’) about our addiction to this little device and the downsides of it. Worth a read!

Minimalist, low-waste lifestyle

Practical guide to no-spend challenges, how to survive them, and how to benefit from them

My family and I are doing a 3 months no-spend challenge. We are already living in a manner that many would consider frugal, even if we don’t see it that way, but I wanted to really push it, and see what we could do to spend even less.

So, where to begin?

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Minimalist, low-waste lifestyle

On fake pockets and thrifting

As far as I can remember, I’ve worn second-hand clothes. I used to wear my cousins’ hand-me-downs, and my mom would take me to the second-hand clothes shop around the corner. Once a year, a local association would organize a big event where thousands of clothes would be available, and it was a thrilling experience to go there early with my mother, to wait in line outside until the doors opened, and then discover what we would bring back home with us.

In high-school, I bought oversized men’s shirts and sweaters to wear with my jeans and Doc Martens boots – second-hand clothes were a grunge’s paradise, and the satisfaction of looking different when I felt so different was very soothing for me.
I lost the habit in my twenties, when the urge to conform became too strong and I began to buy clothes from mainstream fashion retailers with my girlfriends, spending money on poorly made clothes that never really fit and were out of fashion a few weeks later. And I’m not even talking of the fake pockets, you guys. Whoever thought all women needed were fake pockets needs to be cursed with painful boils.

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Minimalist, low-waste lifestyle

On minimalism and old cameras

A few weeks ago an older relative gave me her old TLR. It’s a beautiful thing, in its leather case, that’s been cherished and maintained. I was so happy about it that I posted a picture of it on Twitter, which prompted someone to react by telling me something along the lines of ‘that’s not very minimalistic’.

Which, well. That is not untrue. But I feel that minimalism is often misunderstood. We imagine people who have all their possessions in a single suitcase. While I have the greatest admiration for those people, that would be quite unpractical for us. I see minimalism not as a single way of living, but as a broader spectrum.

So what does it mean for us?

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