Refashioning a refashion, and the problem with cheap sewing supplies

As I reviewed my wardrobe last week, I realized that I was not wearing my high-school graduation tee-shirt, despite having refashioned it to better suit me. It went from weird XL shirt to cute top, but I would not wear it.

So I decided that it would not do, and thought about what I could do with it that would allow me to wear it. I have plenty of tops, but only two nightshirts, so I thought it could be a good idea!

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First 2019 upcycling – with a new sewing machine!

My mother-in-law was kind enough to give me her sewing machine as a Christmas present, as she bought a newer, more sophisticated one. I immediately sold my old one on the French equivalent of Craigslist (it was gone in the afternoon!). The old one was a cheap supermarket brand, but it really did its job well for a few years and I’m happy that it will continue to do so for someone else!

My to-me-new sewing machine is a much fancier Brother model and I’m somewhat intimidated! Let’s see it:

Here it is!!

So, me and my new electronic friend had our eyes on a poor old 3yo top that is too small for my daughters, and could not be sold as such.

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Starting simply

After publishing this article on my main blog, I’ve thought about writing about refashion. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to write about it – and just not once.

So here it is, a blog dedicated to creating – with the slight twist of doing it with items that I either already have, or that I’ve thrifted (or sometimes find in the streets because people throw away amazing things). Let’s do more with less!

And because the simplest things are often the best, I’ll start with an easy way to repurpose old tee-shirts and tops! One of my daughters needed a laundry bag for her camp a couple of months ago.

I used a top that I thrifted a while ago. It’s now scratchy and not so comfy to wear…

Not so gently-used top…

Poor little scratchy top! Don’t fret, you’ll have a second life!

I simply stitched the bottom of the top (right sides facing each others) and added a little Winnie the Pooh patch. And voilà!

Refashioned bag from a top
An easy-to-do bag!

It works well for all old shirts that are too damaged to be refashioned as clothes. You can have your very unique laundry or grocery bags (double-stitch the bottom for safety in this case!). In case of tee-shirts, just cut off the sleeves and the collar – if the fabric is tight jersey or polyester it won’t fray, you can leave the raw edges as they are. Looks better than plastic bags, doesn’t it?

Go ahead, be bold, create! Until next time!