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Hits and misses of a low-waste life

Since we’ve been trying to reduce our waste, we’ve also tested lots of recipes and tips to lower our waste. Some of them were great and have become parts of our routine, and others, were, well, not so great. Keep in mind that it’s only our experience, and that you might end up loving what we hate and vice-versa!! The best way to know is to try and see what works for you!!

Hits and Misses of the Zero Waste Lifestyle
The amount of trash we produce is horrific, let’s face it. Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

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Of winter and the wonders of layering

It’s December, and it’s cold here near Paris, which is quite normal and even a bit reassuring, if I’m honest. I cover my car in the evenings to be spared the tedious task of scraping off ice in the mornings, I watch my favourite shows buried under a plaid and make my family hot cocoa on Sunday afternoons. I rather like winter, in fact (I like all 4 seasons if I’m honest, although summer is a bit of a bother when you don’t tan). But as someone who tries to have a rather minimalist and most of all sustainable wardrobe, it can be a challenge to dress at this period of the year.

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Refashioning a refashion, and the problem with cheap sewing supplies

As I reviewed my wardrobe last week, I realized that I was not wearing my high-school graduation tee-shirt, despite having refashioned it to better suit me. It went from weird XL shirt to cute top, but I would not wear it.

So I decided that it would not do, and thought about what I could do with it that would allow me to wear it. I have plenty of tops, but only two nightshirts, so I thought it could be a good idea!

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Low-waste recipes and DIY

Homemade low-waste bronzing powder

Hey everyone!

Despite not using a lot of makeup – none at all most of the time in fact – there are two things that I use from time to time: mascara, and blush or bronzing powder. During winter I use a light peach pressed blush, and during the warmer months, some bronzing powder. Being very fair skinned, it’s nice to get some color on my skin even if I don’t tan – at least it enhances my freckles and makes me look less like a vampire.

It’s the second year that I make my homemade bronze powder, and not only it’s easy, cheap, and low waste, but it allows you to get the exact shade of brown you want.

Let’s get to the recipe!

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Low-waste recipes and DIY

Being totally zero-waste isn’t possible for most of us – and it’s okay

There are plenty of things that I do that aren’t zero waste – or even, let’s say, low waste, which I find a more realistic goal. There is something disturbing behind the perfect zero waste pictures you see on Instagram, or the perfect zero waste lives you spy on YouTube: they ignore that the real world isn’t zero waste friendly for the most part, and that sometimes you haven’t a choice.

zero waste pretty pictures
Pretty, pretty, pretty… isn’t it? Not very life like though.

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